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October 25, 2012


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:bulletgreen: Formal Post for the Professor Layton Gathering:bulletgreen:
Original can be found here:…

::EDIT:: Adding some cosplayers~ PHOENIX WRIGHT Cosplayers, if you wish to join us, say the word!--I added a Phoenix Wright section too~
::EDIT 2:: Added an attendee section for those observing/taking photos of the gathering! ^^
::EDIT 3:: Professor Layton cosplay is HIGHLY encouraged! :D After all, it's a Professor Layton Gathering!
::EDIT 4::If you don't see your Character's Name, PLEASE TELL ME! Other characters are appreciated, i.e. Anton Herzen, Froshel)
::EDIT 5:: Started counting Attendees, Cosplayers and the Total! :)

:iconprofessor-layton::iconsaysplz: Greetings! I am arranging a Professor Layton Gathering for Anime Expo 2013 and AM2 2013! You are invited to attend!

((If you have a account, please place any comment on the forum to keep the thread active! Thank you!))
:spotlight-left:Professor Layton Gathering at AX 2013 :spotlight-right:
REGISTER NOW FOR AX 2013!! --Located at the Los Angeles Convention Center in the heart of LA, California!

:bulletred: AX 2013 Info [from the forum] :bulletred:===============

Professor Layton Gathering: AX 2013 [July 4 7]
Welcome to the first organized Professor Layton Gathering! I was so inspired from seeing so many Layton cosplays during AX 2012, this game series deserves a proper cosplay gathering!!--Especially with the "Miracle Mask" coming out! Bear with me, this is my first time organizing a gathering!--but I am confident in my abilities!
:bulletred:Hosting the Gathering: :iconmagiciancelemis: / HELPERS: (Tentative - I'm open to those who wish to help!)
:bulletred:LOCATION: West Hall / MAP:…
:bulletred:DAY: Day 2 - Friday, July 5 / TIME: 2:30 PM [CAN BE CHANGED IF ENOUGH PEOPLE COMPLAIN!]
1) Individuals
2) Groups [order by game series]
3) Pairings [MAY include Yaoi, if audience is generally yaoi-based skip down to #4]
4) Yaoi Shots [pairings/ shippings / OTP] We will have a checklist of pairings for you to add your own pairings
::Cosplayer Attendees::
Professor Layton: :iconchickionade:, :iconsarahalexis13:, asa-turney (tumblr [PENDING])
Luke Triton: devmagiciancelemis:'s sister, chickionade's sister, :iconspiderettes:, belligerency (tumblr)
Flora Reinhold:
Clive Dove / Future Luke / Legal Luke: ohkin (tumblr)
Emmy / Remi Altava: :iconmaxxspin:, :iconcorink:, :iconnimaruhinodashi: [PENDING]
Jean Descole: :iconmagiciancelemis:
Granny Riddleton: asa-turney's mother (tumblr [PENDING])
Claire Folly / Celeste: :iconyamiryuu-chan:, mexicanstallion (tumblr)
Dimitri Allen:
Janice Quatlane / Eternal Diva: nevilleswaltz (tumblr)
Masked Gentleman: :iconxbluekittycatx: [PENDING]
Randall / Lando Ascot: :iconxbluekittycatx:
Sharon / Angela Ledore:

Phoenix Wright:
Miles Edgeworth:
Mia Fey:
Maya Fey: :iconnimaruhinodashi:
Apollo Justice:

:iconxbluekittycatx:'s FIVE AWESOME FRIENDS~ :bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletblue:


TOTAL: approx. 21 PEOPLE

:spotlight-left:Professor Layton Gathering at AM^2 2013 [COMING SOON]:spotlight-right:


:star:ATTENTION ALL Phoenix Wright Cosplayers: You are also invited to the Layton gathering, in regards to the game "Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright"! :)

Communicate with me via TUMBLR and, if you are attending AX 2013 and want to be registered on the gathering post!

:bulletpurple: MagicianCelemis @ tumblr…
:bulletpurple: MagicianCelemis @
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Sarahalexis13 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
neoPootling Featured By Owner May 28, 2013
Hi ^^
just posted a bump on the forum, but bf and I will be there as a Layton & Luke ^^
excited for the gathering!
MagicianCelemis Featured By Owner May 28, 2013   Digital Artist
OMFG, BLESS YOU!! :glomp:
Thank you so much for bumping up the forum!!
I desperately need a Layton and Luke for the gathering, because my other friends, who were also going to cosplay as Layton and Luke, cannot make it to AX! :(

Aaaaah I have something very special for you guys~
neoPootling Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013
Finishing Layton coat ^^ i'm excited!
MagicianCelemis Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013   Digital Artist
AAAHH!! Can't wait to see Layton!! :love:
MeiChama Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
I won't be cosplaying to this event but do you mind if I attend just for the heck of it? Maybe possibly take pictures? :'D
MagicianCelemis Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013   Digital Artist
AAAAAAH but we need another fabulous Clive cosplayer like youuuu~ And we're going to have a private photoshoot afterward the official gathering!

Of course you're welcome to attend and observe! I might as well take a group photo of all the attendees, including the non-cosplay attendees! XD Yes, photos are greatly appreciated--we must document this fabu event! 8DD

I'm thinking of hosting a Professor Layton gathering at AM2 2013--would I be able to see you in your Clive cosplay there? :3
MeiChama Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
Hahahahahah awwwww, even though my hair wasn't right and the colors are off? You flatter me too much Descole-channnnnn~

LAWL yey! I'll be in either a Final Fantasy or Persona 4 cosplay but if you want a picture then go right ahead! I won't complain at all!

Sure I can go ahead and be Clive for one day even if it was off. xD I'll see if can attend and stoofs. :'3
MagicianCelemis Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013   Digital Artist
LOL it's no problem, though it's the cosplay that counts! Otherwise, it could be considered a genderbend!Clive, since you have long hair and all that jazz! XD
:icondescoleplz::iconsaysplz: Oh Clive, I treat you as my equal, since you are quite the genius as I am!

LOL awesome! I'll be sure to keep an eye out on you then!

YAY! Awesome!! I'm gonna set up a forum on for a PL gathering at AM2 2013 then!!--OMG, we should do a crossover-ish, with Clive and Descole~ This requires a photoshoot! 8DD What do you say, eh?
MeiChama Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
Hahahaha yeah that's true. I honestly just needed a cosplay last year so I just threw on Clive since it was really simple. XD

:iconlegal-luke: :iconsaysplz: And to you as well Descole.

Okies sounds good!

Oh yey! I'll go post and put myself as a maybe then. >w< And oooooooh I like me some photoshoots. 8D

Random but when I see you at either AX or AM2, may I get a hug from you as Descole? He's one of my favourite PL villains and I just love him so much. ;3;
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